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How do I use a Vibration Meter?

Balmac Vibration Meters are easy to use. Operators with little experience can begin taking readings immediately.

Download a FREE copy of the Balmac B Book Guide to Vibration Measurements or email your request for your free booklet.

How do I balance a fan in my plant?

Balancing a fan in its own bearings, on site, is typically the most recommended method of balancing. Balmac Analyzer/Balancers are an economical way to balance fans and rotors of almost any size and shape on site.

Download a FREE copy of the Balmac B Book Guide to Single Plane Balancing or email your request.
Download a FREE copy of the Balmac Polar Graph for Single and Two Plane Balancing.

Where can I get a FREE Vibration Severity Chart?

Click here to download your Severity Chart pdf file.

Where can I get a FREE Vibration Maintenance Record?

Click here to download your Vibration Maintenance Record.

Where can I get my instrument calibrated?

Balmac provides calibration services for Balmac instruments at our factory in Plain City, Ohio. We provide Before and After readings and traceable Calibration Certificates.

Where can I get parts and/or repair services for my instrument?

Balmac stocks parts and accessories for all of our standard products at our factory in Plain City, Ohio. Call 614-873-8222 to request pricing and availability.

Instruments in need of repair may be shipped to our factory at this address: 8205 Estates Pkwy, Ste N, Plain City, Ohio 43064, Attn: Repair Dept. Instruments must be packaged in suitable shipping containers. Instruments should be sent with Purchase Orders, Requests for Service or other paperwork describing the nature of the repair requested. Contact names and phone numbers should accompany the package.

Where can I get technical information about my instrument?

Operations manuals, guides and technical product information is provided by our experienced staff of professionals. You can email, phone or fax your requests.

How do I register my instrument?

Click here to download your Product Registration form. Complete the information and fax, mail or email your form to Balmac.

Where can I get training on my instrument?

Balmac instructors provide vibration meter and analyzer/balancer training free of charge at our factory in Plain City, Ohio. Our training schedules are flexible and can typically be fitted to your requirements. Email, phone or fax to discuss your training needs.